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Ever wonder what it would be like to see your sexual fantasies played out in a film? Well in XConfessions, Erika Lust does just that! Part of an ongoing series, this dvd showcases 10 explicit short films directed by Erika Lust: showcasing her trademark cinematic style, fresh-faced performers and authentic stories created by the public.



Hold Me So Tight It Hurts // Submitted by Willa6
I can't get over my bondage fetish, it is the only thing that really turns me on.

A lot of people don't understand it, especially boyfriends.

It's not about being dominated, or restrained, or uncomfortable or vulnerable.

To me, the ties feel like an embrace. I experience more passion from the sensations of the cords gripping my flesh than most people do touching body-to-body.

Even when I masturbate, I like to be tied or have to imagine that I am.

Sit Down, Shut Up, And Watch // Submitted by Sven7
I want to watch someone fuck my wife. I want to sit at the end of the bed in silence as she takes his dick in her mouth. I want to be quiet and detached. I will not say a word, I won’t even touch myself. I will watch my wife do things I have never seen her do before and make noises I have never heard and see a look in her eye that I have never seen before, but I will not say a word. This would be such an incredible turn on.

I Fucking Love IKEA // Submitted by LanaY
I’m a bitch, and I know it. I have a thing for IKEA (I know, it’s weird) but making him buy and build stuff for me turns me on. I know he hates it, too. I relax and enjoy a drink while he sweats, never lifting a hand to help. And that’s not all, I also like to tease him, but there’s no reward until the job is done :)

Let's Make A Porno // Submitted by BoogieNights
I confess that I’d love to perform sex for the camera. But not just my boyfriend’s little mobile camera, I want the real deal... a porn movie. I want to feel the heat of the lights, the crew watching and getting excited, and I imagine the audience masturbating with my scene...

Sadistic Trainer // Submitted by Gracie50
My friend takes me to these new crossfit classes at the gym. Pro: everyone in the class is totally hot. Con: it's so fucking hard and the trainer is an asshole! I want to get in shape, and it is a good workout. So when it gets too hard and I feel that I can't do any more, I fantasize about tying the trainer up, stripping down with my other class-mates and fucking in front of him. The workout is finished and I have a smile on my face thinking about torturing the sadistic trainer!

A Blowjob Is Always A Great Last Minute Gift Idea! // Submitted by LaurenB


I forgot his birthday.

How? HOW?? He just texted me and said that if I don't come home from work RIGHT

NOW I won't have time to change before we go out...

Shit. I haven't even gotten him a card, a present, zilch, nada, nothing.

It only worked one time before with another boyfriend, but maybe...

Maybe I can just run home and blow him and he won't know what's happening. I'll just give him the most mind-bending mouth fuck and he'll forget that I was supposed to give him anything else.

Fingers crossed, gotta run!

Obsessed // Submitted by melancholia

She is gone, but I still want her. I want every inch of her beautiful body.

Her white velvet skin, the taste of her tongue, the smell of her hair, the way she fit into my arms, the ecstasy she gave me.

Three years later and I'm not over her, or the sex that we had. I've tried to move on with other people, but she's always on my mind.

I'm left with her home videos, which I watch more and more these days. I know I should stop, but I can't.

I miss you Anna.

My First Time Eating Oysters... And Pussy // Submitted by VitaminC

When we were introduced by a colleague, I thought she was everything attractive in a person: smart, funny, a bit evil, and a showoff with great boobs. Best of all, she was a lesbian. I knew it from the way she touched me when she laughed, when she teased me about being skinny, cleaned the lipstick from my mouth and gave me her number at the end of the party. How could she have known that I'd just ended a relationship to explore my interest in women?

She called me the next weekend and invited me over for dinner at her house. I wore a summer dress, and we ate on the patio. She must have been a total foodie, because there were such exotic hors d'oeuvres and real champagne: escargot, sweetmeats, chevre, paté, avocado and oysters. I have never eaten so well!
Well...we never got past the hors d'oeuvres. We stopped filling our mouths with rich food, and paid attention our bodies instead. Sucking, licking, stroking and devouring each other right there on the patio in the breezy summer afternoon.

i ama verry badx secvretary // Submitted by MagsLess

This is a confession by Tom. I'm typing while he is dictating, because I am his secretary for the night. I'm lying with my laptop in front of me.

Tom is pulling down my panties.

Now he is putting his hand between my thighs. Tom is warning me not to make any typing errors, or he will squeez my right niple or bite me somewher in my bodey really hard. I am having some difficvlty typing because I am starting to feel horny ans wet. Soom any errors ooh

Tom is rybbung my pussy

He has teo fingers in my cunty righjt now he's whispring in my ear

I am twitching ohhhhfgodf

I wAnt to take grab hus cock but i jave tp type

Tom s taken his coick out and hes rubbinh rr it over mu ass whule he fingre fucks me. Tom is tearig opehn a condom wrapp

Noiw his cock is up agianst mypussy. The hwead s pressingg against my cuynt. a i can feel hiom working hijmself into me. Tom is annoy;ed at al the spoelling mistajkes i am making. I ama veryy badx secvretary

Hi eis treasing mew ith is cock. ehile je makes me type all of thisa.

I havrsss to stoppp writrgtting noiw dsajfhd jkf ,nv